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Freelancers can Deliver Huge Returns - 24Seven

Despite the myths, freelance talent can increase your ROI. In a layoff-driven market, rallying the remaining troops to do more with less is a very tough sell. So how do you control labor costs, maintain productivity, meet deadlines and deliver a solid return on investment (ROI) without further burdening your team? The answer is a workforce strategy that reflects your company’s peaks and valleys and supports staff with outside help from freelance talent. If managed wisely, this extension of your team can actually increase your ROI if you plan and scale labor to the business cycles when you need them most.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Luann Petix is nominated by Orange County Business Journal for 2009 WOMEN IN BUSINESS

It's an honor and a thrill to be nominated. It's been quite a year! :)

Here's the article copy:
May 4-10 2009 page A-68
Women In Business Nominee - Luann Petix, Editor-in-Chief / Founder
DAMSEL Magazine, Newport Beach
From the time she was a young girl, Petix was creating her own magazines, cutting and pasting images and compiling them into binders. Now, she has accomplished the feat of founding OC's first monthly fashion publication, DAMSEL Magazine, which was launched September 2007. This position provides her with a daily outlet for building visual campaigns, forecasting trends and reaching a demographic of thirsty fashionistas who need their magazine fix on a regular basis. DAMSEL has made its way to the top of the ranks with fashion labels, PR firms and the beauty world at large, making it the must see, must-be-in publication. Since launching the magazine, Petix continues to increase its caliber, bringing in international talents, acclaimed television/movie stars and globally-recognized supermodels; she has even taken the cyber world by storm with a cutting-edge website. The foundation Petix envisioned and constructed for DAMSEL has not only been realized - it has gained a loyal readership base and limitless potential.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Luann Petix & Coastal Living Magazine

Having worked with Allison & Lauren at TO Media in the past, has always been a pleasure but last weeks experience was unimaginable. We ventured to the beach to shoot for Coastal Living's story on surfer girls and their beauty routines. This time, I was the "talent". Myself, Oleema Miller, Veronica Kay-Baker were chosen for their editorial, coming out in the July/August 09 issue.
I am honored and grateful, thank you.

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